OT Blog No. 2 - The First Bootcamp
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Thanks to Joan Gray for recounting her experience of her first bootcamp of OT 2017:

Blog No. 2 - The First Bootcamp

Well that is the first bootcamp under our belts. There was a very large turn out in Keash on Thursday evening. It was a cool, crisp, clear night, with the stars bright in the night sky and the smell of fear in the air!!

To ease us in gently we were sent for two walking laps of the training pitch, it was like the calm before the storm. The group was divided into two, with Aiden taking one group and Gavin taking the other.  It didn’t matter what side we did first, it was inevitable we would have to complete the two sections anyway.

Although at one point some of us tried to scale the perimeter fence, it wasn’t as bad as I had built up in my head.  In saying that I will never look at a car tyre the same way again and the word plank puts shivers down my spine. 

But we did it and for me it was the people around me that made it more achievable.  

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