Eastern Harps GAA Fundraising


As with all clubs we are fully reliant on the generosity of the people within and outside our club area to fund the day to day running of the club. We are striving to keep our costs to a minimum while maintaining high standards within the club. Every March over €20,000 has to be paid to the County Board for fees and registration on top of the day to day costs with running a club. Over the last few years expenses have been more than our income and we cannot afford to let this continue. Our members will be actively fundraising over the next few months. The following are details of our main activities:

Members Grand Draw

Our yearly draw, with prize money of €22,000, is our main source of income for the day to day costs. However the members have been in steady decline for the last few years. We will be looking for new members in the coming months and during the registration days next year. The draw costs €5 per week throughout the year and can be paid monthly by Direct Debit, cash/cheque or on our website. Direct Debit forms are available from any club member. Members of the draw get their registration for €1 for each member of the family, entry into a draw for an All-Ireland Final Ticket, entry to the English & Irish lotto as part of a syndicate and entry into the yearly draw for €22,000 in prizes.


Bingo has been running successfully every Friday at 8.30pm since 2012 in partnership with Gurteen Hall Committee. It is the main contributor to our development fund and we wish to sincerely thank the members of the Hall Committee for affording us the opportunity to share in their fundraising venture. We look forward to its continued success into the future for the benefit of both groups.

Operation Transformation

After a year out, Operation Transformation returned in 2017 with a bang.!!! We have our largest attendance to date, with almost 180 people trying to get fit, lose weight and have fun in the process. Funds raised from this venture go exclusively towards our development fund and we thank all our participants most sincerely.

Fundraising & Fundraisers

With the new pitch development and increased running costs we hope to run one major fund raiser each year. We are also keen to hear from anyone interested in helping with fundraising or with fundraising ideas. Keep an eye on our website, Twitter and Facebook for further information.