OT Blogs No. 4 & 5 - Culfadda Walk & Thumpboxing
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Thanks to Caroline & Joan Gray respectively for their humorous takes on the latest two OT events -

Culfadda Walk
Our Sunday OT walk brought us to the highways and byways of the lovely Culfadda. Again a fantastic turn out and fantastic weather to match! Men, women and children all eager to get pounding the roads. After we had registered, we all gathered outside the hall for the chat. When Shaun eventually got our attention, he informed us who this week's leading team, gent and lady were. All got a well deserved YAHOO! And then we were off!

After about a kilometre or so we were directed up to the right and we were flying it until.... THAT HILL! The chatter in the groups was reduced to one syllable answers as we struggled to catch our breath, talk about 'FEEL THE BURN'!! With our legs like jelly we charged down the other side, round the bend, over the bridge and then OMG a water station, we're saved! Refreshed and rehydrated we powered on.

Nothing was going to stop us now (well even if the kids that flew by us hopping and skipping made us feel less smug!). Eventually the school was in sight and we knew we were home and dry. We savoured the apples and oranges that were on offered as reports of how everyone managed THAT HILL was discussed.

As we packed up and drove home we were feeling pretty damn proud of ourselves for surviving the 6.3kms (thanks Mary!) And then I spotted a certain somebody RUNNING home to Gurteen! Oh well I might get there someday!! Anyway, another OT walk under our (ever decreasing) belts. Roll on thump boxing Monday night and I swear the tub of Ben and Jerrys I was spotted buying in centra afterwards was not for me.... honest... :) 

Tonight's blog is going to be short and sweet.  I have the shakes after thump boxing tonight.  Not a big turn out but Alan did not show any mercy to the group.

I immediately regretted complaing about the cold  before the class as ten minutes in I was sweating bullets.  Every bit of me has been worked out , even my brain in trying to remember the different combinations.  My bingo wings were flapping with every thump I gave and received.

Hopefully more will turn out next week so I can hide down the back.

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