OT Blogs No. 6 & 7 - Circuits & Boot Camp
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Blog No. 6 - Circuits: 9pm-10pm: 24th January.

Our 3rd week with Aiden and we were feeling a little more confident about the workout ahead, after all we had had two sessions under our belts. HOWEVER, as soon as the warm up started I was beginning to notice the new items in the room. Several blue steps and what looked like a “menu” on the right hand side of the stage. As I squinted to see what was on the “menu” it was clear that there wasn’t going to be a burger & chips option!  All I could make out was Squats, Planks and Burpees!!! Our fate would be decided by the role of the dice.

A few minutes in and we had our first roll of the dice, a plank for 20 seconds, phew not the worst possible outcome. As we continued our workout we had a second roll, again not too bad. At one stage we were working out to a lively diddly-aye tune with the girls stepping it out in unison on the blue steps and the rest of us giving an odd “yahoo” whenever we caught our breath. 

But our luck ran out, with a final roll of the dice we were faced with 3 consecutive planks for 45 seconds each. As the last roll of the dice was completed by Aiden himself, we had our suspicions about the result as he quickly lifted the dice off the floor before we had a look at the numbers!

We’ll keep a closer eye on him next week.

Deirdre Gray

Blog No. 7 - Boot Camp in Keash

Well it is fair to say that boot camp tonight was a little windy at times, even gale force around the corners. But that didn’t stop over 90 people taking the field to endure an hour of field drills given by Aidan and Gavin. At times it was like an episode of Father Ted with Gavin’s moves like Fr Trendy and Aidan’s homage to Fr Jack.

At one stage the cows in the field beside us was looking on probably thinking what in the name of God where these people out in this. But with a couple of warm up laps around the field it was time to divide into two groups. One half went down to Aidan and the rest of us were top half with Gavin. It was hard going to say the least. Between listening out for the whistle for our bonus groovy moves and trying to keep in the right direction (for some of us) the time wasn’t long going by.

With the wind picking up a little it was our turn to head to the bottom of the field to Aidan. What a laugh it was. Didn’t think it could be funny but it was. One thing for sure after all of this Aidan needs to get a ‘new stop watch’. His sense of time keeping is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t think some of us knew where Aidan was going with some of his moves but in fairness everyone partnered up to try very interesting squats and plank like moves.

At the end everyone had frozen faces and frozen feet. It was of home for all of us to try and thaw out.

Helen Gray

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