OT Blog No. 9 - Cloonloo Walk
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Thanks Aisling, Shaun, Damien and Ann Marie, for another awesome Operation Transformation event this morning at Wynne's View, in Cloonloo. I would like to THANK YOU all for your dedication, time and hard work and above all for inspiring the next generation to be healthy, strong and community minded individuals. 

As I drove to Cloonloo I reflected on how different my exercise routine has been here in Ireland in comparison to where I live in Jackson, Wyoming, USA!  Back in Jackson, I run at an elevation of 6,500 feet above sea level.......here in Gurteen, my lungs feel so liberated and happy to breathe the clean bog air!  

In Jackson, I usually run/workout at 6 am before my workday begins, here it has been a nice change to run/walk at a more civilized time amidst  breath-taking vistas; by the wild Atlantic ocean, the green hills of Ballinafad, the rolling hills of Keash, the Park in Lough Key, the hills around Wynne's View. I am inspired by this awesome group of individuals that show up every week for the planned workouts, run/walks, and boots camps. All age groups are represented: babies in buggies, young kiddos, moms, dads, grandparents and of course the dogs!!

This morning as like all the past Sunday's we get a report on how the teams are doing with their weight loss, individual "biggest losers" and the prize winners! But the number that sticks with me is the 82 stones that have been shed since Operation Transformation 2017 started 5 weeks ago!  Congratulations to all!! 

In Jackson, as is the case with most US towns and cities, there are plenty of gyms, YMCA's, fancy spa's  for folks to join and work on their fitness. Gurteen does not have a gym but that has not stopped this dedicated group from gathering, up to 5 times a week, to work on improving their fitness, lose weight and have fun. Operation Transformation has shown me that I don't need a fancy gym or spa to maintain my fitness.  I feel so blessed to be able to participate in this amazing community.  I'm proud of my home town and  happy to reconnect with old friends and gain new ones. 

I also learned that funds raised from Eastern Harps Operation Transformation go towards redeveloping the clubhouse at Eastern Harps GAA grounds in Keash.  It is fitting that funds raised by the community goes back into the community too.  

Annette Eastman

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