Chairperson message 16th March 2020 - 16/03/2020

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Covid 19 - Coronavirus

As we approach St Patricks day, a day  when we normally celebrate our culture and national identity.  This year the dynamic has changed but nevertheless we still need to be united in our actions together to prevent the spread of Covid 19.  We also have a responsibility to more vulnerable people in our community. They need to know that the whole community is trying its best in solidarity with them. If we all adhere to the following key points, we will all be playing our part in protecting the community where we live. 

1. Listen and abide by HSE advice in terms of hygiene, WASH YOUR HANDS
2. Comply with HSE social distancing measures (2 metres or 6.5ft) 
3. Ensure no house parties and other such social gatherings
4. Support the vulnerable and those living alone
5. Comply with the GAA national direction ceasing all club sporting activities

As a club we will endeavour to help and support the whole community through this crisis and have already developed measures and steps to assist members of our community who needs help over the coming weeks. If you or any one you know needs assistance during this time, please do not hesitate to contact any of our club officials  Telephone details below. 
We need to keep a positive approach.  Let the conversation going forward be one about our unity and support to our community in a responsible manner. This is a time when all communities, all clubs, all counties and countries need to work together and slow down this virus. Let everyone keep safe.  

And in the words of the old Irish proverb, Ni neart go chuir le cheile, there is no strength without unity, let that be our motto. 

Club contact numbers 
Camel 087 2264955
Seamus  087 6867227
Padraig 086 0691853
Aisling 086 3825903
Sean 086 3899696

Seamus Hannon
Eastern Harps GAA club