Gurteen Bingo Poem - 18/05/2020

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I love to dress up nice and bright
And head for Gurteen on Friday night,
To meet my friends and have the craic
With all the gang down at the back

I’ll be there early, just for fear
Someone else might take my chair,
Money ready for a sheet and single
And lots of time to chat and mingle

Soon the crowd will gather in
Some from Boyle, Carrick & Elphin
The local crew all full of hope
And of course the “Regular winners” from Ballymote

The Ballagh folk they’ll cause no fuss
Arrive by car and some by bus,
Many others make their mark
From Geevagh, Tubber & Frenchpark

A prayer to get us in the mood
Seldom holy, it can be rude,
Boobs and bras and ding-a-ling
They’d get away with anything

“The even dozen”, “any way round”
“Your lowest number”, not a sound,
“Waitin’ on the legs” I hear him whisper
“Check!” on “the ducks” hard luck mister

Take a break the shops now open
You must go outside if you are smokin’
Buy lotto tickets it would be wise
€800 euro’s a tasty prize

This weeks jackpot a cool three grand
Thinking of hotels, sea and sand,
The bus to Knock and fly RyanAir
A month on the beach with lots to spare

Just call it out Lord don’t be so tight
The one I want and I’ll be right,
One and nine, last of the teens
The curse of Bingo - Covid-19

“Check, check, check”, I jump up screaming
“Hush Hush now woman, you’re only dreaming,
You’re crying out like a demented dingo”
O Lord my God I miss Gurteen Bingo!